If you have a website but have to rely on a webmaster for updates that never happen then you've come to the place that can help you. Many of our clients had family members create their original site or they plowed through a bare bones system that hard codes the words and pictures into their original site. These methods are outdated and can be very difficult to maintain. When your site doesn't get updated, your page rankings on the major search engines go down. Soon, your buisness is no longer on page one of the search results and you are losing customers.

The new user manager will let you manage who has access to what in your site. That means you have control of who updates what. If you have a sales and marketing staff, you can give them access to keep on top of your business and sales promotions. IF you are a non profit that needs to get timely information to the public, you can give those committess to update that information. No special software is required to make any changes to the information you need displayed and the system can be updated from anywhere in the world where there is internet access!